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Hello Stavanger

for software creators by software creators


Hey there!

We are excited to introduce #HelloStavanger, a brand-new conference that's all about bringing together all disciplines that have to do with developing software. We want to celebrate our craft and create a space for us to come together to learn, celebrate, and shape the future of software development.

Our mission is to ignite competence development and knowledge sharing in the region. Increasing Attractiveness: By providing an exciting meeting place for professionals, we want to make Rogaland even more appealing to digital talents.

Building a Long-Term Initiative: #HelloStavanger is not just a one-time event. We're working hard to establish an annual gathering that will continue to inspire and develop the region for years to come.

Who Are We?

#HelloStavanger is a non-profit organization formed in 2023 by a passionate group of professionals from various industries, companies, and roles. We're all about volunteerism and share a strong desire to create an independent platform for top-tier knowledge exchange right here in Stavanger.

Our Board:

  • Thomas Bærheim - Chairman
  • Glenn F Henriksen
  • Eivind Gjesteland
  • Omar R Langset
  • Marius Sørensen
  • Margarete Torland

And even more people behind the scenes.